Station details

This weather station is located at Ähtäri FINLAND, and has been broadcasting on the Internet since 25.6.2014.

I maintain this web site on a voluntary basis and the site provides online weather data for my local area. The site's weather information is updated at once in a minute, and is available 24/7.

The data provided on the site is collected by using the following weather station: Clas Ohlson 36-3242

Equipment :

Broadcasting :

Weather station Clas Ohlson 36-3242 Weather software Cumulus v1.9.4 Build 1096
Computer Old P4 Weather template Weather by You!
  Windows XP SP3 Design In obscuro

Contact :

Ähtäri Aviation Club

To communicate with us, you could use the following email adress :

E-Mail : ah*ta**mai*li*jat(a) (please remove every *)